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Privacy policy

How will use your personal information

We comply with the EU regulations known as 'GDPR'.


We use cookies to see how many people are visiting our website, and these are anonymous. Nearly all websites use cookies these days, but you can disable them in your browser's advanced settings if you do not wish to allow cookies. We use two other services which rely on cookies: Google Analytics and Facebook Comments.

IP address

We look at your public IP address to determine where you are in the world, so we can serve you relevant news. We do not store this information, and we do not use it to compare with any other information you tell us.

Email address

If you tell us your email address, we will ask you to tick a box to indicate you understand what we will do with your email address. In addition to the messages you specifically asked for, if you permit it, we may sometimes send you relevant news, information and promotions from our own brands and from our partner companies. You can unsubscribe from these messages at any time with a link at the bottom of each email. Unsubscribing will be actioned immediately and will take one or sometimes two clicks. If unsubscribing fails for any reason, please let us know by email or phone +44 (0)20 8460 4224 and we promise to attend to it.

Some of our customers use email services that forward mails to another account, and some work in companies where multiple addresses may be sent to one mailbox. This can create the confusing situation where an email that we sent to (say) will end up in the inbox of and the final recipient will not be aware of the difference. A customer may ask to unsubscribe and mention only the email address where he/she sees the message from us. However, we have no way of ascertaining what forwarding services were used, and will not find in our databases. We have previously discovered many customers are unaware of company forwarders, or forget their personal forwarders, and are often upset or angry in these situations. This is out of our control, but we will continue to search for the relevant database entry if the customer will continue to provide further details on possible addresses to try (ideally they will forward us the most recent newsletter they received, as this contains the address at the very bottom).

Legitimate Interests

Any EU resident added to our database before May 25 2018 has been contacted and given the opportunity to unsubscribe from all newsletters they receive from us.

We have a number of lawful reasons that we can use (or 'process') your personal information. One of the lawful reasons is known as 'legitimate interests'.

Broadly speaking Legitimate Interests means that we can process your personal information if:

- We have a genuine and legitimate reason and we are not harming any of your rights and interests.

Ways we obtain this data:

- you provide us with your details when you become a customer, such as your name, email and employer (‘Account Data’),

- when you visit the Web site, we may collect information about your visit such as your IP address and the pages you visited and when you use our Services we may collect information on how you use those Services (‘Improvement Data’),

- you may provide us with your details when you ask about our Services (through the website, by email or otherwise)

- we may receive personal data from our customers when using our Services, such as names of team members or data entered into the Services (‘Service Data’).

So, what does this mean? When you provide your personal details to us we use your information for our legitimate business interests. Before doing this, though, we will also carefully consider and balance any potential impact on you and your rights.

If at any time you would like your your details removed then we will make sure this is actioned immediately. Email or phone +44 (0)20 8460 4224.

Hiding your name

If you want to receive our emails, but want to remove your name then we can replace your name with "Anonymous User" in our database. Email or phone +44 (0)20 8460 4224 mentioning pseudonymization.

Viewing your data

If you wish to know what personal information we hold on you, please email or phone +44 (0)20 8460 4224.

Deleting your data

You have the right to be forgotten, which means that, if you ask us, we will delete all the information we hold about you. You must email or phone +44 (0)20 8460 4224 giving details of all the usernames, forenames, surnames and email addresses that you have previously shared with us. We will make sure that all these names and addresses are removed from our system.

Transfer of information

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